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Monday, 3 April 2017

Hunting Mosquitoes

Last week Room 3 kids had lots of fun observing the MILLIONS of mosquito larvae and pupae in the school swimming pool. We read a book about mosquitoes and this is what we learnt. ...

Did you know that mosquitoes lay their eggs on water in groups called RAFTS?

Mosquito larvae are also known as 'WRIGGLERS' because they wriggle through the water.

Mosquito pupae are called TUMBLERS. They breathe underwater through long tubes that poke up to the surface of the water. These are called TRUMPETS.

Do you know why mosquito bites are itchy?  The female pokes a long needle-like proboscis into your skin. Her saliva mixes with your blood. This caused a chemical reaction and make you itchy.

Did you know only the FEMALE mosquitoes bite?  And it's only the females that make that high whining sound.

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  1. it was interesting looking at the larva and pupa