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Monday, 27 November 2017

Wellington Zoo Trip

On Friday, Room 3 went on a class trip to Wellington Zoo. We met with Brigette, a zoo educator, who talked to us about animal adaptations. We learnt interesting facts about the tuatara and how it survives in the wild.
No one is really sure how long tuatara live for, but the longest living one since records have been taken is 120 years old! We all got to touch a live tuatara and were surprised how smooth it felt.

We walked around the zoo in groups, exploring the different places and looking at the interesting animals. At the end of the day, we stopped off at Levin Adventure Park for a bit of a play.

What a great day out! Thanks so much to our wonderful parent helpers for providing transport.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Designing Boats

Today, as part of our topic on Parachutes, we had to design a boat that would hold as many weights as possible. We were all given 3 sheets of tinfoil and had to create 3 different designs.

Then we tested our designs ...

We worked out which were the BEST designs and compared these to our earlier parachute designs.
This is what we found out ...

Friday, 17 November 2017

Totally Vets Photo Competition

We are so proud of Max D for coming SECOND in the Totally Vets Photo Competition.
Max took a photo of his dog, Ruby, with their  foster kitten sitting of top of her. How cute!
Emma H, in Room 6 came THIRD in this competition.

Well done Max and Emma. Max won $150 and Emma won $100. They also were give $250 for the school.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

My Fantastic Class

I had only popped out of my class to grab a coffee, and I came back to find this lovely bunch of children happily playing 'schools' before school.
(I think there were 4 teachers here!)
These children are so good at relating to each other.  They chatted happily, while negotiating who was doing what for the day. I love how the boys and girls in Room 3 get on so well together.

You should see them on the soccer field, too! What awesome teamwork.

I'm so lucky to a teacher in Room 3.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Learning about parachutes

We are just starting on our Science topic of Parachutes! Today, as an introductory lesson, we were given a challenge.
In small groups, we were given several pieces of large paper (all the same size) and had to work out the best design that would fall to the floor the SLOWEST.

We weren't allowed to use cellotape or glue, but we could rip, cut, fold and scrunch the paper. We tried out several designs and worked out our best 3 designs.

Tomorrow, once we've decided on our SLOWEST design, we will see which group made the best parachute.

We talked about FAIR TESTING - we had to make sure ...
* all groups were given the same SIZE piece of paper
* we dropped our paper from the same HEIGHT each time
* we used the same person to RECORD the time
* we all tested INSIDE, so the breeze would affect the results.

Stay tuned to see which group had the best parachute design!