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Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Today Room 5 started our Health topic of Sexuality Education. We've been learning what Manaakitanga means. (If you don't know - check out the picture below).
We got into groups and put scenario cards on a continuum of what we thought showed NO manaakitanga, through to what showed a lot of manakitanga.

It was interesting that most of the groups had similar ideas - even though there was no 'right or wrong' answers.

Cross Country Training

Cross Country is next Friday and Room 5 students have been out on the road training. We've set training goals and are working towards achieving these over the next week and a bit!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Cinderella Show

So, this isn't technically a Room 3 post, but I wanted to show some of the photos from the Cinderella show last week. My wonderful drama group put on a spectacular performance and I wanted to show them off.  Here are some pics ...

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Room 3 and 4 have been getting together to learn groovy dance moves and practice moving in time to music. We've been learning The Electric Slide (which works well with the music Achy Breaky Heart), some Jump Jam moves, a dance to Staying Alive and a groovy little folk dance called The Jiffy Mixer.

Parents - ask us to demonstrate these cool moves at home!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Learning About Simple Machines

Today we started learning about simple machines and how they help us to do jubs more easily.

Today we focused on  LEVERS. We identified different household levers and learnt about the words fulcrum, load and force.  We identified these parts on different levers.

It was fun making a simple catapult with a spoon, blocks and a ping pong ball. (Ooops - one flew off into who-knows-where).

We experimented using a lever, and changed the position of the fulcrum. We worked out that the closer the load is to the fulcrum, the stronger the force was which meant it was easier to lift.

Check out these pics...

Friday, 17 August 2018

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Exploring air resistance

On Tuesday, we had fun learning about how air resistance affects the movement of falling objects.
In groups of three, we each had a piece of paper that we had to modify to make it fall as SLOW as possible. We carefully drew our designs and labelled the changes. (eg; ripped the edges, folds, holes, cellotape, etc)

Then we dropped all 3 at the SAME time from the SAME height (to make sure it was a FAIR TEST).
We did this several times, because good scientists need to check that their testing is accurate. When we were happy that we had worked out the SLOWEST piece of paper to fall, we formed conclusions as to WHY this design worked better than the others.

After listening to all of the groups share their results and show us their best design - we came to the conclusion that the better designs were the ones that had a LARGER SURFACE AREA because this created MORE AIR RESISTANCE which slowed the falling paper.

(We also discovered, to our surprise, that it's good to put a hole in the centre of the paper - as this steadies the paper so it doesn't cut across the air and dive to the floor on an angle).

Did you know .... all parachutes have a hole in the top so it prevents the poor parachutist from swaying too much!?

Friday, 3 August 2018

Tough Kids Challenge

Today heaps of Room 3 kids took part in the Tough Kid Challenge at Linton Army Camp.
We had lots of fun wading through the stinky bog, crawling through the dark, creepy tunnels, scrambling over loads of logs and jumping through high 'windows' in the obstacle course.

We got thoroughly soaking wet and muddy! But it was heaps of fun! Here are some photos ...

Monday, 30 July 2018

Maths Is Fun

Today in Maths, as part of our Geometry topic, we have been practising giving and following instructions using the words 'left, right, 1/2 and 1/4 turns and clockwise and anticlockwise'.

We practised giving a set of instructions to our 'robot' buddies to get them through an obstacle course. Our buddies had to listen carefully and follow these instructions. Some of us found this really challenging!

We also had to use a map and follow instructions. We are looking forward to making our OWN treasure maps for a buddy to follow ...

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Welcome To Term 3

It's a new term, and that means a new Science topic!
This term our topic is FORCE and MOTION. Today we were given a challenge.
How to make Jade's boot move without touching the boot.
Ben tried blowing. It moved the top of her boot, but the boot didn't move along the table.
Maggie lifted the table, but the boot didn't slide.
Juan used Maggie's idea. He lifted the table, then jiggled the table. The boot moved along!
Caleb used a piece of string and pulled the boot so it moved down the table.

All of the words in bold are different types of FORCES. We came up with the idea that forces are movements (pushes or pulls) that move objects.

We learnt that GRAVITY is a force. Gravity is an invisible force that PULLS objects down.

In groups, we brainstormed as many different forces that we could think of.

Lifting, pulling, pushing, hitting, kicking, rolling, twisting, turning, dragging, bouncing, shaking, squeezing were just some of the clever ideas we came up with.
(Someone even suggested telepathy!)  Hmmm. Not sure about that one!

We are going to have lots of fun experimenting with simple machines and learning about force and it's affect on movement.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Buddy Class Reading

Today was our last day of Buddy Class with Room 8. We shared some of our published stories and they read one of their readers to us. We read a poem together and then Maggie, Cooper and Ollie performed a play they had practiced in reading time.

We are looking forward to doing fun activities with our new buddy class, Room 7 next term.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Netball Skills

Today as part of our large ball skills, we practised Netball skills with Miss Main.

We practised passing, catching and shooting. Thanks Miss Main for teaching us.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Buddy Class Dance

Today our buddy class, Room 8, came and did a dance for us. It was about body parts. We joined in with them and moved and grooved to the music.    By Juan

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Jump Jam

It's been a wet day again today, and we didn't get to do our large ball activities outside. So for some fun exercise, Room 3 joined in with R4 and R5 to do JUMP JAM!

It was fun moving to music. Thanks so much to our wonderful Jump Jam team who lead us in the routines. We can't wait for Friday's assembly so we can see what you will be doing for your Jump Jam competition in Palmerston North next Tuesday. 
Good luck! Give it heaps!

Friday, 1 June 2018

Trip To Te Manawa

Today Room 3 went to Te Manawa as part of our learning about Pollution. We learnt about water quality and what pollutants can affect our waterways.

We tested samples of water from the Manawatu River and the lagoon and compared them. The temperature of the water from the river was about 2 degrees colder than the lagoon water.

The lagoon water was more acidic than the river water. Do you know why? Because lots of ducks wee in the water, which creates more acid. This is not good for fish and plants.

We learnt that only 3 percent of all the water in the world is drinkable. That's incredible! We need to save our fresh drinking water and not waste it.

After that, we went to the Esplanade for a play. Then we did a litter collection alongside the river walkway. We filled up 2 large blue bags of litter. A lot of it was in the bushes. We found bottles, plastic bags, wrappers and even a shoe! We're glad we prevented this from entering the river.

Here are some photos ...

Thanks to all our awesome parents who provided transport and helped out with our trip.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wheels Day

Today is Wheels Day! In between the rain showers, we've had a chance to ride around the school on our wheels!
And at lunchtime, some of us bought lollies (which is a wheely special treat!)

Here are some photos ...

Making Invisibility Potion

Yesterday, Room 3ers made 'invisibility' potion. Miss Jeynes gave us the recipe which required some very hard-to-find ingredients (monkey snot, squashed wasp juice, etc).
We had to measure out the correct ingredients so that the TOTAL capacity was 500ml.

Hannah, Jade, Brooke and Shelby's group got it spot on!  It was fun mixing the colours - it ended up being a dark reddy/purple colour. 

We're getting better at estimating and measuring using mls and litres.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Get Rid of Oil On Water

We've been learning about the terrible effects of oil spills on the ocean, and how it effects birds, sea creatures and the environment.

We did an experiment to test which product and process was the BEST at getting oil off water.
Oil doesn't mix with water. It tends to sit on the TOP.

Using 4 different cups, all with oil and water in them, we tried ...
1. skimming the water off with a spoon. It took ages, and it didn't get rid of all the oil.
2. absorbing oil with cotton balls. It was more effective than the spoon, but it soaked up a lot of clean water with it.
3. solidifying the oil with cornflour. What a disaster! This didn't work at all! The cornflour sunk to the bottom and made the water cloudy and murky. This would be TERRIBLE for fish!
4. Putting detergent in to disperse the oil. Wow! The oil moved right away from the dish washing liquid to the side of the cup. But it didn't get rid of the oil.

We tried stirring the detergent in. This just broke up the oil into smaller balls of oil, and made some sink into the water.  This wouldn't be useful in the ocean!

So in conclusion, the BEST process was ABSORBING with cotton balls.

We recorded what we observed, making notes of the problems we had.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Measuring Capacity

Today in Maths, Room 3 estimated and measured how many cups of water, various containers took up.  We compared our estimates to the actual measurments - some of us were very close with our estimates. Some of us we WAY OUT - but, the more we practiced, we started making more sensible estimates.

Tomorrow, we will be learning about millilitres and litres.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Friday, 11 May 2018

A Squishy Suare

We are learning about PERIMETER and AREA of shapes in Maths.
Yesterday we investigated what one 'square' metre looks like. We wanted to know how many of us could fit inside one square metre - and this is what we found out ....

Monday, 7 May 2018


In Maths, we are learning to measure objects and distances using mm, cm and m - AND we're learning to make sensible estimates.

Today we estimated the length/width of distances and objects around the room - then we measured to see how close our estimates were. We are learning to choose appropriate units of measurement and to know how many mm in a cm, cm in a m, and m in a km.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Learning About Pollution

We are back into Term 2 with lots of energy and enthusiasm!
Today we started our topic on Pollution. We all shared our thoughts on what are examples of pollution in a class brainstorm.

Then Miss Jeynes split us into groups for our TUNING IN activity. We looked closely at two pictures each and wrote on comment cards - What we SAW in each picture, What we THOUGHT was happening and a question or WONDERING that we had.

Here are a couple of examples ...

We were quite 'grossed out' at some of these pictures. We will be gaining new knowledge and skills with our Science topic. Stay tuned for more updates on our learning ...

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Crazy Day

Today was Crazy Day!   Everyone dressed up in their house colours in very creative ways.  And at lunchtime, lots of us gobbled up our burgers. Thanks Miss Simpson and Room 6 for organising this event.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Rainy Lunchtimes

Rainy days at school can be boring when we can't get to play outside with our mates. But Room 3 kids don't complain. We get our creative juices flowing.

These resourceful Room 3ers found a great use of Jenga blocks and place value blocks, and made a castle and a farm. 

Good on you, Room 3 kids. You cooperated with each other and worked as a team to create these. That's how we roll in Room 3.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Athletics Day

Today was the school athletics. We had lots of fun doing fun rotations first up, then after interval it was time for the sprint races.  There was a lot a yelling and cheering as we rapidly tore down the track.

(By the way, did you spot an interesting verbs and an  adverb in that last sentence?) We've been working on these in class!

Here are some photos of us...

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Results ....

Wow! When we checked our plants today something pretty cool had happened!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Science Experiment

Today we started a science experiment. Miss Jeynes had 5 white flowers. We put each into a glass of water and in 4 of the glasses, we added a small amount of food colouring. (Blue, red, green and yellow). We left one cup with NO colouring. This was our 'control' cup.

We placed each stem of each flower into a different cup - except with ONE flower, Miss Jeynes split it in half. One half of the stem went into the yellow dye, the other went into the green dye.

We wrote our hypothesis (predictions) of what we thought might happen.
eg: All the flowers in the food colouring will die except the one in just water.
      All the flowers will turn the same colour as the dye it was sitting in.
      The split-stemmed flower will have green and yellow petals.

Alannah asked a very good question. "If we mix green with yellow, what colour will it make?" We weren't too sure, so Miss Jeynes got some dark green paint and yellow paint. Alannah mixed the two colours together. Guess what? It turned LIGHT green. So a lot of people changed their predictions and wrote that the split-stemmed flower will end up with light green petals.

We can already see some interesting things happening to some of the flowers! Stay tuned to find out our results ...