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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Welcome To Term 3

It's a new term, and that means a new Science topic!
This term our topic is FORCE and MOTION. Today we were given a challenge.
How to make Jade's boot move without touching the boot.
Ben tried blowing. It moved the top of her boot, but the boot didn't move along the table.
Maggie lifted the table, but the boot didn't slide.
Juan used Maggie's idea. He lifted the table, then jiggled the table. The boot moved along!
Caleb used a piece of string and pulled the boot so it moved down the table.

All of the words in bold are different types of FORCES. We came up with the idea that forces are movements (pushes or pulls) that move objects.

We learnt that GRAVITY is a force. Gravity is an invisible force that PULLS objects down.

In groups, we brainstormed as many different forces that we could think of.

Lifting, pulling, pushing, hitting, kicking, rolling, twisting, turning, dragging, bouncing, shaking, squeezing were just some of the clever ideas we came up with.
(Someone even suggested telepathy!)  Hmmm. Not sure about that one!

We are going to have lots of fun experimenting with simple machines and learning about force and it's affect on movement.

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  1. You look as though you are trying very hard to blow the boot over Ben!