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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Manawatu Turbo visit

Today all of the Halcombe School kids got a great surprise! The Manawatu Turbos came to visit us. We all piled excitedly into the hall to watch our local rugby team perform several challenges against some of us.

First of all some of them had to do a gutterball competition -  our Jack won that!
Then they had to do a hoola hoop challenge. Sophia in our class topped everyone!
Next it was a limbo challenge against room 7 kids. (We reckon our kids got lower)
Last of all, they did a 'wooden ski' challenge, where they had to walk on planks with perfect timing.
They definately won that challenge. They must be very good at working in a team!

Here are some photos of our fun afternoon:

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Room 3 kids know how to have fun. And that's exactly what we did at last Friday's school disco!

Here are some photos of our fun night ...

Thanks Miss Simpson and the student council for organising this fun event

Monday, 3 July 2017

Hansel And Gretel Show

On Friday, the whole school went to see the show Hansel & Gretel, put on by the drama team.

"It was really hilarious. My favourite part was when the animals did their dance". (Jayden)
"I liked the part when the witch got pushed into the fire". (Brooke M)
"I liked it when Hansel kept saying "Shut up and be quiet". (Max)
"My favourite part was when Miss Jeynes came on because no one was expecting that". (Lucy)
"My favourite part was when the rabbit kept hitting the other animals on the head with the
bommyknocker". (Will).

Thanks to all the awesome kids in the drama team for learning your lines, and really getting into your characters. And a big thanks to Hannah in R6 for doing the sound!

I'm looking forward to next year's production.
Miss Jeynes