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Monday, 27 March 2017

Insects invade Room 3

There's an insect invasion happening in Room 3!  We are learning about insects and our class have been collecting creepy crawlies found alive (or dead).

We make sure we look after our live insects by feeding them and taking them home in the weekend so they're looked after.

"Insects have an exoskeleton which is a hard protective covering over it's body" - Jewel

"All insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts" - Maia

"The 3 main body parts are the head, thorax and abdomen" - Isabella L

"Most insects go through 4 stages of metamorphosis, - egg, larva, pupa, adult" - Brooke M

"Ticks aren't insects" - Shelby

"The wings and legs are attached to the thorax" - Brooke K

Here are some photos!


  1. that was so so so so so fun and funny.

  2. oh no the bug invasion nice job on caching the bugs

  3. Wow that's weird!