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Monday, 6 May 2013

Welcome Back!

Phew! Didn't the holidays go fast?

This term Room 3's topic is Learning About The Past. Our focus is on the time of the early European settlers, how they lived, the challenges they faced, and the effect they had on the land and the Maori people.

We will be learning the skills of skimming and scanning texts to find information, as well as learning how to ask quality questions to get more information. Today we started using De Bono's Thinking Hats which is a great tool to help us organise our thinking and planning.

Here are a couple of our activities ...
We also came up with some ideas about Humpty Dumpty.  We discussed the facts from the poem, the good and bad points about Humpty's fall, and what we thought or felt about Humpty...

We had fun coming up with NEW ideas about why Humpty might have fallen and what could have happened next ...

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