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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Science Experiment

Today we started a science experiment. Miss Jeynes had 5 white flowers. We put each into a glass of water and in 4 of the glasses, we added a small amount of food colouring. (Blue, red, green and yellow). We left one cup with NO colouring. This was our 'control' cup.

We placed each stem of each flower into a different cup - except with ONE flower, Miss Jeynes split it in half. One half of the stem went into the yellow dye, the other went into the green dye.

We wrote our hypothesis (predictions) of what we thought might happen.
eg: All the flowers in the food colouring will die except the one in just water.
      All the flowers will turn the same colour as the dye it was sitting in.
      The split-stemmed flower will have green and yellow petals.

Alannah asked a very good question. "If we mix green with yellow, what colour will it make?" We weren't too sure, so Miss Jeynes got some dark green paint and yellow paint. Alannah mixed the two colours together. Guess what? It turned LIGHT green. So a lot of people changed their predictions and wrote that the split-stemmed flower will end up with light green petals.

We can already see some interesting things happening to some of the flowers! Stay tuned to find out our results ...

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