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Monday, 7 November 2016

Technology - Making Coasters

Room 3 have just finished their technology project - To design and create a coaster that will ..
1. Be waterproof
2. Be strong
3. Be heat resistant
4. Not scratch the table
5. Look good

First we had to work our what would be a good material to make our coasters with. After a process of elimination of bad ideas, we decided 5mm MDF would fit the criteria above.

We had to draw our designs, including what materials would be needed, what the back would be like and to show colours paints/vivids we would use.

Some Room 6 children helped us in the woodwork room to cut edges of the wood, then we had to sand the rough edges.

We had to coat the wood with special primer so that our paint colours wouldn't seep into the wood.

Finally ... we got to draw and paint our designs. Some printed pictures from the internet. We HAD to follow our plans. Sometimes we had to change our design, because we realised things didn't work out as we planned...

We glued felt circles on the back so that they wouldn't scratch or stick to the table.

At last, we sprayed our coasters with a varnish to waterproof them.
Our coasters look amazing... Here are some photos of our technology process ...

Check out our coasters!

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  1. These look awesome Room 3. You have obviously put a lot of thinking and effort into making these coasters. Well done!