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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Exploring Sound

For our Science topic, we are learning about sound.
What is sound?
How does sound travel?
What are different types of sound?
What makes high pitch and low pitch?

All these questions and more!  Today we learnt about VIBRATIONS. Two children held a piece of paper over a speaker and Miss Jeynes sprinkled sand over it, When she turn the volume up .. the sand 'danced'!

Then we went on a sound hunt around the class. We scraped, scratched, banged and blew on different objects to create different sounds. We recorded what we did and whether the sound we made was a HIGH or LOW pitch.

Here are some pictures ...
We are looking forward to doing more experiments with sound


  1. Wow room 3 it looks like it was challenging learning about sound.

  2. This experiment sounds interesting Room 3. hope it's fun.

  3. wow room 3 you might grow up to be science people

  4. Wow Room 3 that looks like its hard and fun at the same time!