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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Buddy Class

Yesterday Room 3 teamed up with our buddy class - Room 6. We had a Trust Walk challenge.
First our  big buddies blindfolded us, and led us through an obstacle course. We had to listen to their instructions carefully.

Then it was OUR turn to lead our big buddies. There were a few little 'bumps' here and there when we forgot to tell our  buddy to 'duck' or 'lift your leg', but we all had lots of fun. It was great to interact with the older kids in our school.

Thanks Miss Simpson and Room 6 for setting up the course and being great role models.


  1. Buddy class looks load of fun. You are all very brave trusting room 6 to lead you around the course blindfolded.

  2. I remember when Room 3 did that last year! You guys are really brave to trust Room 6! Because you never know...