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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby - By Rylie Thomas

Room 3 kids went into the hall and we sat down. We listened to Selwyn say that he had a car accident because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. He was in a wheelchair. When he finished talking, it was the girl's turn to go in the wheelchairs. They went ... BANG!  SMASH!

Then ... it was the boy's turn! I got the ball once. It was so awesome because the boys were 'wicked' at it.

At the end, Rebekah said "On behalf of Room 3, we want to say thank you". Selwyn said "That's OK" and then Room 3 went back to the classroom.

Thanks so much Manawatu Wheelchair Rugby Club for coming to visit us today.
It was lots of fun and we all learnt a valuable lesson about wearing a seatbelt.


  1. What a great story Rylie. It is so important to wear seat belts and sit in car seats. You all looked like you had a lot of fun playing wheelchair rugby. It looks quite difficult.

  2. Great blog post Rylie! I hope you all enjoyed wheelchair rugby, I know the kids in R6 did.

  3. Well done everyone, it looks hard to do. What an important lesson about wearing your seat belt.

  4. Miss Jeynes looks ready to smash and crash. Watch out!