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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Junior Prizegiving

Yesterday we had the Junior Prizegiving assembly.
Congratulations to the following students who received a certificate:

Joshua Te Whatu - for significant progress in Maths and Writing. You can be very proud of the effor you've put in a home and school. It has certainly paid off.

Freda Kimura-Elers - for being such a positive, kind student who relates well with your peers. Your self-confidence has blossomed this year  and it's great to see you participating in all activities with 100% enthusiasm and effort

Olivia McIntyre - for signficant effor and progress in Maths and Writing. Your writing flows easily now and it's great to see you taking risks with a wider, more interesting vocabularly. You can be proud of the effor you've put into learning basic facts.

Briar Higgie - for being such a positive, out-going class member. You join in all activities and disussions with enthusiam and are never afraid to take risks.

Rhianna Jukes -  for hard work, diligence and hgh achievement in all subject areas. You consistently produce top qulity work with quiet humility.

And .... well done to Jasmine Hoskings for receiving the Riordan Citizenship Cup. This cup is given to someone who displays qualities of INTEGRITY, HONESTY and KINDNESS, and who is a role model for others.  Well done Jasmine!

And to top the afternoon off... we had a visit from Santa, who gave out lollies for all the children!

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