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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Room 3 Camp

We had an awesome time on our Room 3 camp.
On Wednesday, we went to Te Manawa Museum to learn about Dinosaurs and Fossils. We got to touch real fossils of dinosaurs and had fun digging in the sand to find dinosaur bones. (Well, replicas of their bones).

We had fun playing at the Esplanade, then it was back to school for a photo hunt challenge and team-building challenges and games in the hall.

On Thursday, we headed off to the Manawatu Gorge to walk the Tawa Loop Track. We walked down to the slip site and learnt about how the 2011 slip affected people and businesses in the area and how quickly it was repaired. Just 6 months!
Then it was off to Ashhurst Domain for fun on the playground, a game of Go-Home-Stay-Home and Soccer.

What a fun camp! It was great for us to go 'out of our comfort zone', discover new places, try new things and work together on fun challenges. Thanks to all the parents who provided transport and stayed overnight. Without you, our camp wouldn't have been possible!


  1. Your camp looks exciting. The Manawatu Gorge Walk has some amazing views. When I was in Room 3 I went to Wellington Zoo.

    1. Wellington zoo! Jeepers, your lucky! I wish I had been there. When I was in room 3 I went to a farm.

  2. I've just been catching up on everything that's been going on in room 3 and it looks like you've been having a whole lot of fun while you're learning. I love your camp photos and reading about your science studies - very interesting!!
    Keep up the great work as usual room 3, well done!

  3. that must have bean fun room3 your so lucky