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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ink Prints

Last week, we constructed cardboard templates for our print blocks. Our theme was 'rickety' houses. We took two art sessions to glue strips and pieces of cardboard to create a scene of an old house in the country.
We learnt how to overlap cardboard, and how important it was to leave gaps in between strips of card.

Yesterday, we got stuck into the ink. We carefully rolled the ink rollers over the ink and onto our cardboard templates...

Then when the template was totally covered, we placed a piece of paper over the top. We had to rub, rub, rub all around - into the grooves. And just when we thought we'd rubbed enough - Miss Jeynes said "NO! Rub some more. It'll be worth it!"

But it was all worth it when we peeled back the paper to reveal our materpieces!

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